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…you’ll learn that to be a high performer, you’ve got to have radical confidence to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. Today’s guest, Lisa Bilyeu, explains how real confidence is an inside job, not something you gain from outside validation.

When Lisa co-founded Quest Nutrition, she was a self-professed housewife boxing protein bars in her living room. The company grew 57,000 percent in its first three years and became a billion-dollar brand. Her learning curve was steep and fast and filled with things she didn’t know how to do—yet.

She went on to co-found (with her husband, Tom Bilyeu) and serve as president of Impact Theory Studios. It’s a digital-first studio that produces entertaining original content focusing on themes of empowerment. That content has been viewed over half a billion times by a global audience.

Lisa oversees in-house development of projects focused on female-driven content for multiple platforms. She hosts the digital series, “Women of Impact.”

In her first book, “Radical Confidence: 10 No BS Lessons on Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life,” she shares her journey from a housewife to successful entrepreneur with relatable lessons, anecdotes, and lots of humor.

She explains how the “Purgatory of the Mundane” is even more dangerous than hitting rock bottom. She dishes tough love for those of you who are stuck in mind loops that hold you back.

From ditching the fairy tale to getting off the couch to putting on goggles when the shit hits the fan, Lisa’s got realistic tips to get you moving. An important part of that momentum is setting boundaries: material, physical, and mental and emotional. She shows you exactly how.

She also suggests a fresh perspective on a few things that can help you build “radical” confidence:

  • Manage the voice in your head
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Keep your goals top of mind
  • Maintain self-awareness around your emotions and triggers

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