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… you’ll find out how author and podcast host of not one, but two podcasts–Jenny Blake–helps people move from friction to flow so they can do more of their best work.

This conversation about her newest book, “Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business,” explains that business stress is a systems problem. She’s going to give you solid advice on how you can avoid overwork, burnout and run your business and your life with a lot more joy. Her mission? To set 50 million hours free through smarter systems.

Companies often do a great job at attracting the best and brightest employees, Jenny says, but not keeping them learning and growing and engaged. Inevitably, boredom sets in. You can have all these brilliant people working in intense environments that can lead to burnout. They are short on time to do their work, Jenny continues, and they're also short on creative expression within that corporate context.

Many business owners, too, especially small ones, carry the weight of what Jenny calls the Burdensome Bs: 1) bottlenecked, 2) bored, and 3) burned out. And news flash about the myth of hard work for business owners: There’s no reward for doing “all the work” other than burnout.

You can change that narrative. Running a business does not have to be so hard, or stressful, or overwhelming. Strategic shifts can move any business’s operating zone from friction to flow. Wherever you encounter excessive friction, apply the Align-Design-Assign process.

Revamping systems and processes also leads you to the real prize: time. Time is not money, time is life force.

"Time is far more precious than money," Jenny says. "We should be far more considerate with how we’re spending our time, who we want to spend it with, how present we are when we are choosing our activities and the people that we’re with.”

You’re going to get a lot of smart business and life tips from this episode and Jenny’s book, “Free Time.” Here are some how-tos:

  • Time block and bake in batches—starting with blocking your calendar one year out for deep work days
  • Identify the DNA of projects, meaning how you bake is as important as what you make
  • Structure Delightfully Tiny Teams for maximum flexibility
  • Establish a Fiji Test where each team member continually makes themselves replaceable every day
  • Achieve escape velocity through smarter systems and doubling what you delegate
  • Solve for Sisyphean Systems and the crush of the inbound (i.e., email, social media, questions from your team)
  • Avoid Franken-stringing software while still developing stronger techtuition
  • Cultivate nonlinear breakthroughs through intuition, serendipity and surrender
  • Reach for high net freedom versus solely emphasizing high net worth
  • And much more!

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