From Charity to Justice: How to Give and Fundraise Ethically


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Abi and Rachel take an epic journey through the ethics and practical challenges of giving and fundraising. What's wrong with giving money to orphanages? What about racism in fundraising? Why is our gut compassionate reaction not always right? How do we move from charity to justice?

With grateful thanks to:

Daniel Jones from Stewardship. Information on the Stewardship Giving Account here.

The article mentioned by Rachel is here.

Genelle Aldred from GA Consultancy. Buy her book here. Email Abi first for a free copy:

Caleb Parik from Effective Altruism for Christians

Lawrence Bettany who mentions the following books:

Robert D. Lupton Toxic Charity

Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, When Helping Hurts

Darren Walker From Generosity to Justice

Lisa Adjei from The Sankofa Collective and Christian Aid

Sarah Hinton from St Stephen's Church, West Bowling and Shine West Bowling

Shelley Malko from Futurekraft

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