Episode 91 - Hong Kong join big boys of East Asia


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James Legge and Tobias Zuser are back and still in awe of Hong Kong's surprise win at the EAFF qualifying tournament, which lets them join the final round in 2019. The hosts therefore invited offside.hk reporter Andy Chiu, who watched all the games in Taipei, to talk about the recent achievements under new head coach Gary White. They also look ahead to the upcoming action in Sapling Cup and Premier League. Which was Hong Kong's best game in the EAFF qualifiers? What has changed compared to the Kim era? And who will earn the bragging rights of winning the Happy Valley derby in Division 1? Share your opinions with us at podcast@offside.hk and follow us at www.instagram.com/hong_kong_football_podcast/ DON'T MISS A NEW EPISODE ANY MORE: Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes or any other podcast platform by searching for "Hong Kong Football Podcast" in the directory.

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