Inspiration. Ali Flynn on How Our Personality Impacts Our Performance Part 2


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“Start with what you know, use what you have, and then just aim to add one at a time." -Ali Flynn
How does our personality influence our work performance and professional success?
Does it really affect our success?
Join me in this interview as Ali explores personality and how it can make a significant difference in our performance from a well-being professional performance and fitness performance standpoint. We'll also go over all the things she provides and discuss what motivates her to keep going.
Ali Flynn is an experienced therapist, facilitator, and mindset coach. She has a background in psychology, trauma counseling, business strategy, 3and fitness coaching. She works with thousands of Australians to explore their core beliefs, eliminate fears and break through mental blocks. She shares strategies that enable anyone to operate in a state of peak performance and achieve personal and professional growth. Ali knows first hand what it takes to start at the beginning, having experienced a stroke in her early thirties. This experience only drove her to want to help individuals and leaders understand more about human behavior, communication, and mindset. She believes in finding "the right strategy for the right person at the right time in their life".
Check out these episode highlights:
01:20 - What are the different personality types
06:27 - The six human needs
07:23 - What exactly does well-being mean
09:26 - Each person has their own distinctive love language
12:13 - How our well-being affects our performance
14:28 - How do we approach performance in fitness
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