[REPLAY] Herbs For Physical Challenges (What Ryn Took To MovNat Level 3)


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Ryn says: We've got another replay for you this week, and it's one of my personal favorites. (It also happens to be from right around the last time we moved!) It's episode 95 from 10/5/2019, and it's an episode we made right after I attended the MovNat Level 3 certification challenge.
It was a 4-day course/test/immersion in natural movement. It was quite the challenge! We ran three miles barefoot on complex terrain, we jumped 9' across rocky chasms, we picked each other up and carried each other up the hill & down the trail, we hefted logs and traversed ropes, we held our breath in icy streams... it was great, and it was HARD. :)
In this episode, we talk about all the herbs I took to prepare beforehand, and the ones I brought along to help me get through. If you want to work with herbs for physical challenges in your own life – whether that’s an intense sporting event, or a job or lifestyle that’s physically demanding – these might help you, too!
Oh, one last note: In the episode you'll hear me mention a few challenges I didn't master during the event. I had to improve my skills, complete the challenges, video them, and send them in. Well, it took me two years (minus two days) to finish all my challenges, but I did it!
I'm really looking forward to offering more hybrid movement x herbalism events in 2023 and beyond. Bringing these areas of holistic health and natural movement together is my happy place, and I want to share that with you. If you're on our mailing list, you'll hear about these events as soon as I've got them planned! (If you're not on our mailing list, just visit commonwealthherbs.com and you can sign up at the bottom of the homepage.)
Here are all the herbs & preparations we discussed in the episode:

  • supplements: reishi, ginkgo, chlorophyll
  • teas:
    • EVRY DAY YEAH: jiaogulan, goji, cedar, sage, ginger, licorice
    • demulcent blend: marshmallow, cinnamon, fennel
  • chewroots: calamus, sol’seal, licorice
  • tinctures:
    • ginger-chamomile
    • blackberry root
    • wuggy guts: peach leaf, ginger, ground ivy
    • STIMULANT: kola nut, guarana, eleuthero, ginkgo, ginger, prickly ash
    • Herbal Medics echinacea mix
    • Herbal Medics Cold & Flu formula: yarrow, elderflower, boneset, echinacea mix, prickly ash
  • antiseptic spray: propolis, berberine mix (barberry root, Oregon grape root & leaf), yarrow, cedar EO
  • “red salve” (HM sprain & strain): comfrey, juniper, prickly ash, cayenne, black cohosh, lobelia, arnica, meadowsweet, horsetail
  • joint liniment: (sol’seal, st j, alder, cayenne, lobelia, clove EO)

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