Santi Bhagat, Founder of Physician-Parent Caregivers


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Santi K.M. Bhagat, MD, MPH, is a mother of a young adult with a chronic medical condition, a physician, and the founder of a grassroots, voluntary charitable organization, Physician-Parent Caregivers (PPC). PPC’s health care and policy research and analysis uncovered a lack of systemic supports for young adults who grow up with childhood-onset health conditions. PPC seeks to advance policy change for young adults with chronic conditions in health care, education, work, society and government. Dr. Bhagat works at the interface of health policy, medicine, disability and advocacy to identify strategies that will enable young adults with chronic conditions to live full lives. Through PPC, she leads a national multistakeholder group of policy experts, physicians, disability experts and advocates, parents and young adults in meetings, workgroups and community building. She has co-chaired national multi-stakeholder roundtables, introduced state legislation, authored policy briefs and medical articles and held charity events. Dr. Bhagat fosters partnerships with leading national organizations and connects with young adults and parents in the community. PPC launched a young adult social movement Invisible Wave in 2020 to create a safe space for these young adults. In 2021, PPC’s Higher Education bill for students with chronic conditions passed in the Maryland General Assembly. PPC was featured in JAMA’s first piece on young adults with chronic conditions. Dr. Bhagat promotes policies based on the patient-physician relationship and person/family-centered design. The heart of her work is centered on giving a face and voice to these young adults and their families.

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