Chris Lewis, cancer survivor and advocate


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Chris spent approximately 25 years working for himself in the lady’s garment industry. During that time, he helped create a multi-million-pound business from scratch. During 2007 Chris was diagnosed with incurable cancer. But has survived the extreme treatments and side effects, to become one of the most respected voices in the subject across the world. His website, ( has won numerous awards since it’s inception in 2012. It was voted UK Health Blog of the year and is consistently voted in the top 10. Winning awards in the US too. In 2017 he co-founded an innovative charity called SimPal,( Giving free phones and pre-paid sim cards to people affected by cancer poverty. To ensure they could stay in contact with their loved ones during such difficult times. The only organisation in the world doing this work. Chris is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce. He has travelled extensively, giving keynote talks across the world. He is using his personal experiences to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. Particularly during the global pandemic.

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