Chris Bright, Founder of The Diabetes Football Community (TDFC)


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Chris Bright is an international Futsal player who’s represented Wales on multiple occasions across Europe and a patient advocate for those with type 1 diabetes after living with the condition since 1999. Chris now focuses on empowering people with Diabetes through the tool of Football (Soccer). He pushes for greater educational support for people with the condition whilst also trying to create opportunities for those with the condition to mix and learn from each other through participation within the sport. Chris project manages and coaches the UK’s first all type 1 diabetes Futsal squad to play in the European Futsal Championship for people with Diabetes (DiaEuro) as part of his work as the founder of The Diabetes Football Community (TDFC) . The community is an award winning peer support project that’s been featured in national campaigns in the UK to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes. TDFC aims to bring people together who are passionate about football who live with diabetes to receive education, inspiration and lived experience advice. The organisation is now a leading peer support community in sport for people with Diabetes from across the world. As a result of the growth of the project Chris went back to university in 2017 to study about the social and cultural reasons behind its expansion through his master’s degree in research and is passionate about tackling the stigma associated to diabetes through the impact of peer support. Alongside his degree Chris has also been coaching people on the type 2 diabetes prevention programme on behalf of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Links: My social media is @chrisbrighty1 on Instagram and Twitter The Diabetes Football Community: The Diabetes Dugout podcast: Chris Bright’s Story of reaching the Wales International Futsal squad: Chris’ Story as part of the national TV campaign “We Are Undefeatable” in the UK:

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