Mindset of a Navy SEAL, Adapting & Coping Successfully | Ep. 127: Marty Strong


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Today we discuss celebrating life, having a mindset that sees you through struggles, and adapting.

Welcome back to the 127h episode of the Hard Thing Podcast.

Today I share my conversation with former Navy Seal, Marty Strong.

Here are some highlights from today's show:

  • Marty's hardest thing was dealing with the unexpected death of his son
  • Life should be celebrated, not mourned
  • Selection processes are designed to find those with the right mindset
  • Developing the right mindset deals with ensuring your current identity matches the current reality
  • Never be too attached to what you are or were

We also got some great action items from today's guest:

1. Celebrate life more

2. Develop a sense of humor

3. Get a good idea of what you want to do

4. Try to maintain a positive perspective

5. Exercise intellectual humility

6. Take 20 min for vision creation

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Again thanks so much for listening, and stay tuned to next week. Keep doing Hard Things, and Keep Overcoming Average.

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