The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs Part 3


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Welcome back to episode 45 of The Great Deception Podcast where we wrap up the coverage of Jim Marrs' book 'The Rise of the Fourth Reich'. He calls this section Rebuilding the Reich, American Style and attempts to connect America with the Fourth Reich. We'll look at Reagan/Bush relationship and the creation of 'continuity of government'. Marrs uses multiple examples to show the dark force that really runs the nation; the Shadow Government. We'll examine deadly drugs like aspartame and how it came to market despite being a known carcinogen. He examines the destruction of religion in America and the Rockefeller funded education system. Finally he looks at psychology, public control and propaganda. He shows how things like television, DAARPA, & HAARP may be designed to to harm humanity, not for the beneficial objectives they claim. Overall this has been an eye opening series, so make sure you go check out parts 1 & 2. Please share & review. If you want to support the show or grab some merchandise, check out the links below: Mat from The Great Deception Podcast Linktree: IG: YouTube: Email: To Make Contributions: Venmo: Patreon: Merch Store: --- Support this podcast:

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