Operation Paperclip Part 2


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Welcome to episode 42 of The Great Deception Podcast where we wrap up Operation Paperclip by Annie Jacobsen, the US led program that brought over 1,600 Nazi's to work for America after WWII. This program brought Nazi's from all fields in to lead Americas programs; including atomic, biological, and chemical weapons, vaccines, all of which were test on human beings, knowingly and unknowingly. How did the Americans bring Nazi's to America? Who were the Nazi's that were brought to America? What war crimes had they committed? What bargaining chips did they possess? What was the tie between Camp King and "behavior modification programs" like Operation Bluebird, Artichoke and MK Ultra? Who was Dr Frank Olson and was he murdered or did he commit suicide? The Cold War became a battlefield marked by doublespeak, disguise, distortion, and deception were accepted as reality. Why did President Eisenhower warn the public about the dangers of the 'military industrial complex' in his Farewell Address? What was Plum Island, off of Connecticut, used for after WWII? Following WWII US implemented CIA and NASA, both heavily influenced by Nazi's. What role did Walt Disney play in NASA? Was the end of WWII the rise of the 4th Reich in America?

Eisenhower's Farewell Address: https://archive.org/details/DwightD.Eisenhower-FarewellAddressmilitary-industrialComplexSpeech/EisenhowersFarewellAddress1.flv

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