Ep#190 - Chris Matheson - Conversations with the father


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This week on The Knight Tube, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) is joined by screenwriter and renowned author Chris Matheson. Chris Matheson is one of the screenwriters for the popular Bill & Ted movies and the author of several books of comedy fiction. Chris’s late father is Richard Matheson, author of iconic books such as ‘I Am Legend’. In Chris’s latest book, ‘Conversations with the Father’, he explores his relationship with his father, and how they became estranged due to their differences on spirituality and new age beliefs.

0:00 Intro 0:29 Thoughts on Bill & Ted Face The Music 5:19 Why pivot from fiction to writing about your personal relationship with your father? 10:36 Who was the author Richard Matheson? 13:51 Does everyone have unresolved issues with their parents that they need to work through after they have died? 15:59 Were you worried about the possibility of tainting the public perception of Richard Matheson? 17:33 Is it an odd upbringing having a famous father? 18:48 Disdain for Psychics 23:22 Is comedy a coping mechanism? 31:51 What are “new age beliefs”? Why do they annoy you so much? 36:28 Is it harder to find meaning as a non-believer? 43:00 Is there a sense that your father was stolen from you by new age ideology? 46:13 Do you regret arguing with your father about these issues? Would you have done it differently if you could go back? 51:30 The fictional, second half of his book.

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