Robert Appel & Tom G, Vimāna- ancient mythological flying craft of 7ooo yrs ago


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Vimāna are mythological flying palaces or chariots. These Hindu Texts Describe Flying Vimanas and give details of Ancient warspossible Nuclear War. Our experts Tom G & Robert Appel discuss the ancient Hindu flying machines and believe there were real machines. Lets look back of what may have happened some 7 to 10 to 30 thousands of years ago and wonder "will this happen again". Plus Dr Douglas' update of the predictions and visions he and our listeners have seen, giving us a look ahead of the news tomorrow today. Join Dr Douglas, and Co-Host Doug Bentley and our special guests in a conversation that just might change your life. Global Village radio show with host Dr Douglas James Cottrell PhD is broadcasted World Wide every Friday evening 9 pm to 12:00am EST time. Join in the conversation with your questions comments and opinions as we continue to search to understand the Noetic Sciences and explore the unknown limits of human consciousness. The Global Village Listener Hot Line call in number (from anywhere in North America) 718- 766- 4421

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