God is not deaf, dumb or blind. Peace in the country is all up to you.


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All religions teach, you have a soul and that Divine scripture reveals the laws you are required to follow as a believer of your faith. One common belief is the law of taking care of each other, as we would want ourselves to be taken care of. What if you say you believe the teachings but do not always follow the teachings of your chosen religion? Are there consequences to your soul for such malpractice or deceit? Dr D says yes and you ought to beware. There are real consequences to hypocritically say you believe in the divine teachings of your religion and then willfully sinning in not following those teachings. God is not deaf, dumb, or blind. Join Dr Douglas, and Co-Host Doug Bentley Global Village radio show with host Dr Douglas James Cottrell PhD is broadcasted World Wide every Friday evening 9 pm to 12:00am EST time. Join in the conversation with your questions comments and opinions as we continue to search to understand the Noetic Sciences and explore the unknown limits of human consciousness. The Global Village Listener Hot Line call in number (from anywhere in North America) 718- 766- 4421 Plus Dr Douglas' update of his predictions, visions, prophetic dreams and insights

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