Interruptions and Thunderstorms


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Following up on our last episode, JP Chavez shared a thought with me regarding Doug Wilson and what to make of him, asking whether we should be more suspicious of 94 ecclesiastical charges being brought against Wilson in his own denomination, CREC, then all 94 charges being dropped. The short answer is that I think JP is right, and we should be more suspicious, and I should have made more of this than I did in my last episode.

So why didn't I? To be as truthful with you as I was with Mr. Chavez, the thought hadn’t really occurred to me. And I think at least part of the reason for this is because I’ve been trying to play nice in several other arenas, and maybe have been trying too hard to the point that certain observations which would have typically come easy to me escaped my notice here.

We all have been hearing so much about unity in recent years. Would it come as a shock when sometimes the whole truth as far as we might know it is a casualty in the interest of unity? And when we must put on blinders after a fashion in the interest of unity, would it surprise us to find at a certain point that we become relatively insensible?

Yet before we can answer that, following up about two episodes ago, on Ezekiel, JP made another point to me which I appreciate, that what God does is distinct from what we do. He positionally and authoritatively is not our peer, but our infinitely greater God. And we know this, or admit it. But is that truth relevant to the business of what language we use - and how certain things are discussed in the book of Ezekiel, for instance - compared with how we should talk?

As Christian families, we explain difficult passages differently depending on the maturity of our children, for example. And age is a factor in assessing maturity, yes. But there are other important factors as well. And to some extent, the rate of maturation is contingent on what we share, when, and how. That is, muscles worked too lightly or not at all will atrophy instead of strengthening, and we will get the gains we train for humanly speaking.

In other news - perhaps related - my daughter Evelyn Grace Mullet turned nine this week. And can I just say that it is so very different having a daughter to having sons? No, really. Can I actually say that?

These days, too many people don’t want us to say even the most self-evident sorts of things like these. But I’m going to say them anyway. Those vicious people who don't like it condemn themselves well enough without my having to.

So, yes. Our daughter Evelyn is very sweet and special. And there, I said it. But sometimes I go too easy on her, perhaps. Or at least my wife Lauren chides me for that. And hopefully I’m not spoiling Evelyn. But neither do I know entirely what to do with a daughter with having so many sons besides.

The last thing I want to do is be too harsh with her. Yet sometimes we can try so hard to not be harsh that we're not letting love be genuine, and we're not actually serving and safeguarding one another properly. All of these things are related, after a fashion, in a way peculiar to our age in my experience, study, and observation. And this is because our attitude toward doing what is right and telling the truth has become so very muddied by partiality, and a corresponding lack of discipline, maturity, sobriety, humility, and reverence.

Perhaps we would all be the better to meditate more on what it means to "let love be genuine." If we would do that in relation to all these things, I'm convinced we would not have nearly so many dilemmas and controversies which come to impasses so early, often, and easily.

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