Global Communism, and How to Defend Against It


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That we are now observing symptoms of an ongoing push for global communism seems self-evident to not only me, but many of the folks I talk with privately. Whether everyone else is convinced yet is somewhat beside the point to my larger point.

I would say at a minimum, then, that only a person willfully ignorant could deny that under the guise of promoting greater equality of LGBTQ+ persons, as well as combatting Climate Change, we all are witnessing odd manipulations of supply chains of various kinds – particularly where food, energy, and money are concerned – both in the U.S. and what news we get from the outside world here, especially in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka as of late.

In light of this, my question is a simple one. How then can Christians individually, and the Church as a whole, defend against the current push for authoritarian central planning and control on a global scale?

At least a start to answering this question is to say that we will not win this battle by fighting fire with fire. And we will not win it by repaying evil for evil. But I believe we must go beyond this and say that what the Apostle Paul wrote in the whole twelfth chapter of his Epistle to the Romans is instructive.

For starters, we learn in that section of Scripture that what we do with our bodies matters to God, since our spiritual worship is to present our bodies as a living sacrifice. Taken with the rest of the chapter, this must mean those who over-spiritualize everything to the point of poo-pooing legitimate practical concerns about food, energy, and money go too far.

So also, what we do to cultivate our minds is obviously of interest to our Maker. Why else would He have given us these minds in the first place? And why are we told here to be transformed by renewing them?

We can rule out at least one answer. God did not give us our minds just to follow the crowd; that way apparently stands in direct contrast to transformative renewal. So the big idea is not for us to depend on the herd of humanity to do our thinking and reasoning. Instead, we are called to embrace the process of developing discernment in ourselves according to God’s definitions of goodness, acceptability, and perfection.

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