America’s Alphabet Soup Federal Agencies Seem to Hate Conservatives


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We need to take a look at the cost-benefit to the American people for the FBI, DOJ, IRS, USDA, and CDC, and other similar departments, bureaus, services, agencies, and centers. And would it be a good thing on the whole if some of these federal agencies were abolished entirely?

There is no disputing they separately and together represent a kind of supra-governmental force in American public and private life. Similarly, the typical American has no idea who either the leadership or rank-and-file of these institutions are, or how they obtain and wield their power over our lives in their particular sectors.

We don't know what they're doing, therefore cannot possibly hold them accountable. At best, there is a redundancy and inefficiency to the functions of these institutions. Where state and local government could serve in these capacities, that would be preferable. But these bodies are supposed to be apolitical, and yet have become nakedly partisan.

Or who can say there is an impartiality to the way they operate relative progressives and conservatives in the U.S.?

At some point we must concede that something like a Deep State exists, however many are uncomfortable with that term. Moreover, if this thing like a Deep State does indeed exist, operating in the shadows or else beyond accountability, it is clearly a tool of oppression and subversion fashioned and leveraged against conservatives, and expected to do so more broadly and deeply in the coming months and years if something is not done.

But if that is, as I suppose, an evil thing on the whole, what if anything can we do to abolish it? We will never be able to get at an answer if we cannot even begin to ask the questions. So here I go, and ask the question in light of recent developments over even just the past week.

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