How to create connection with your audience & ideal customers


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Connection is your secret weapon.
When you're starting your own business and trying to build an audience it can be too easy to forget you're a human.
That above all else all people want to feel understood. When we feel connection to another our emotions do the buying for us.
Yet how do you build connection without speaking one on one with every person you want to help.
How do you show them you understand from behind a transactional website?
There's no doubt that if you have found a purposeful lifestyle business, you have the passion for your customers.
In this episode I share some of the mistakes others have made in making the customer journey too impersonal. So you don't make them too.
And I share some examples of how you can take generalised statements and use them to connect directly with you specific niche.
When you talk to everyone you speak to no one.
Imagine you are working with your ideal client, what are their pain points and needs. No one else's.
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Sue Parker, is a passionate Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Global Speaker and Author.

Opener of the WIT Global conference and empowering others in over 50 countries.

She became a trapped corporate tech career mum. Sacrificing her freedom and family. While constantly hitting the glass ceiling in a traditional male corporate.

Sue went from burnout to breakthrough. Becoming an unleashed lifestyle entrepreneur, as a transformed woman, living her best life on her terms.

Sue is on a mission to expose opportunities beyond the outdated traditional career. So you can create your dream lifestyle, with more freedom, more time and more money.

Only Sue layers the deep work of mastering your success mindset with the actionable steps to set up your business systems for success.

Join her to talk about mindset, entrepreneurship, escaping the 9-5, business & more.

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