The Secret to Winning the Game of Life!


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Todays episode will touch your heart and awaken your senses! My guest today are about healing the world and then getting government grants to explode your dream! Meet Kizzy Parks, known for Winning over $50M in Federal Government Contracts and Helping Students, find, bid, and win profitable contracts. She has a special free gift for you that is a MUST - We all need to learn more about this $600 Billion Dollar overlooked market! Instead of worrying about a recession, get government money through Federal Contracts. and to balance head and heart, Meet Mara James known for her Big heart and desire to heal and transform our broken world Originally from New York, Mara James relocated to California while building her husband's Dr. James’s OBGYN practice, and for seven years, she unexpectedly experienced a manic episode and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. ? Through her battle with mental health, Mara helps others with her foundations and the HUGS for Life Healing Center programs. This is a powerful insightful show with 2 amazing guests Please share this with your friends!!

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