Bonus Episode: Fog Favorites


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In this special bonus episode, the last before we begin our momentous Season 10 … can you believe it? … Bart and Chris revisit some favorite moments from past shows, including: all the previous clip-montage intros; excerpts from our interviews with filmmakers Chelsea Hernandez, Stanley Nelson and Morgan Neville; an excerpt from Bart's interview with Patricia Aufderheide about Fair Use; an opening chatter sequence about Sexy Beast; a Doc Talk about James Bond; and a Doc Talk where guest host Sedika Mojadidi discussed her plans for her then new job as a college professor. You'll hear our former third cohost, the incomparable Summre Garber, in many of the early moments. Enjoy! Thanks to all who submitted suggestions of their own favorite moments from past shows. We'll be back some time in October with more (i.e., Season 10)!

Films Mentioned:


  • 00:41 – Bart and Chris intro of show’s topic
  • 02:03 – Clip-montage intro from Seasons 1 and 2
  • 03:49 – Opening chatter about Sexy Beast (Episode 203)
  • 06:30 – Doc Talk about James Bond (Episode 203)
  • 11:27 – Clip-montage intro from Seasons 3 and 4
  • 12:56 – Excerpt from Stanley Nelson interview (5/8/19 Bonus Episode)
  • 21:09 – Excerpt from Chelsea Hernandez interview (Episode 602)
  • 25:25 – Clip-montage intro from Seasons 5 and 6
  • 27:01 – Excerpt from Patricia Aufderheide interview (8/28/19 Bonus Episode)
  • 32:38 – Doc Talk with Sedika Mojadidi about teaching (Episode 701)
  • 36:56 – Clip-montage intro from Seasons 7 and 8
  • 38:12 – Excerpt from Morgan Neville interview (1/14/20 Bonus Episode)
  • 41:07 – Conclusion
  • 43:01 – End credits



Artwork by Hilary Campbell

Intro music by Jeremiah Moored

Editing and shownotes by Christopher Llewellyn Reed

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