Joe Biden And The Twenty-fifth Amendment: News Of The Week!


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Recorded on August 27th, 2021: Following up on our episode, "The Fall Of Kabul," Jason Cousineau and Eric Renderking Fisk debate the wisdom of calling for Joe Biden's Impeachment or being removed from office using The Twenty-Fifth Amendment and why this might be a bad idea at this time. What would be the negative consequences of removing Biden and having Vice President Kamala Harris take his place in The Oval Office? Isn't this what we predicted the first or second time Donald Trump was impeached? Wouldn't we cross a threshold when the opposing political party would then impeach every other President Ad infinitum in a game of "Tit For Tat?" Should we be looking forward to seeing impeachments with every new administration until the end of The United States? We also give equal airtime to the other legitimate reasons we believe that Joe Biden should be removed from office beyond what happened during our chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Fedora Chronicles products on Zazzle Support The Fedora Chronicles on Patreon and get exclusive episodes: The Fedora Chronicles Twitter:

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