Brooklyn Dad Compliant And Other Political Hacks


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Recorded on St. Patrick's Day! Jason Cousineau, Super Fan Melissa from Missouri, and Eric Fisk discuss the controversy around the character from Twitter known as "Brooklyn Dad Defiant" and the revelation that Majid Padellan has been a bought and paid for operative during the entire 2020 Primary Season and General Election. Can you trust the opinion of someone who is getting paid to tweet? How do you know their views are actually their own? Jay, Melissa, and Eric revisit the investigation into The Fedora Chronicles back in 2015 by The State Of New Hampshire's Attorney General's office and the false charges that we did not disclose who actually pays for this service. This would be a good time to remind you that The Fedora Chronicles is brought to you by you, our listeners. Special thanks to our supporters on patrons via Patreon and those of you who have bought our swag on Zazzle! Show Page Notes and Links! The Fedora Chronicles products on Zazzle Support The Fedora Chronicles on Patreon: The Fedora Chronicles Twitter: The Fedora Chronicles Parler The Fedora Chronicles on Telegram

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