9. Troy Johnson: San Diego Native! Writer, TV Host, Storyteller, Eater of Foods...


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IT'S BONUS TIME! It's just fun to keep releasing these conversations, ya know? I got to chat with Troy this week, and we somehow managed to fit what could have been a very long chat into a super condensed, power can of tasty glory that you can enjoy in one sitting! There is also a bunch of songs to listen to on this one, most of which play after the chat with Troy. Catch him on television! Look at his IG posts @heytroyjohnson and guffaw at his humor on twitter: @_troyjohnson and of course: between time writing an actual book, he is the Food Writer for San Diego Magazine. What else Troy? WHAT ELSE?? Listen to learn some more fun stuff about Troy...


Disclaimer: I don't own rights to any of the full-length songs I'm putting on the show, I'm just one fan who believes that music is meant to be shared (legally), heard, and enjoyed. All rights reserved to the respective artists and publishers. Please click the links on each song to support the bands/artists!! That said...


First song: This Ain't No Picnic by Minutemen (Mike Watt is an American Hero.)

After the chat songs: Nirvana - Negative Creep and then: NOFX - The Cause.

Followed by: Last Of The Believers - Dissent (out of print! - but you can also stream it!)

Closing credits song: Jimmy McGriff (played at both 45RPM and 33RPM...) "Dig On It" from the album Soul Sugar .


A new friend of the show, Liquid Death 100% Mountain Water from the Alps. Please, #murderyourthirst by saying "death to plastic" while you sip a can or two to hydrate yourself. Shop on their website, and use code FAMCAST upon checkout to make things happen...


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