8. David Holtze: Harvest Kitchen, Green Truck SD, The Boardroom, Billie Jean's Dad


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Another episode, ON LOCATION! I chatted with Mr. David Alan Holtze in his cool little venue The Boardroom -- which is adjacent to his boutique catering and event company Harvest Kitchen. (Disclosure: this IS the spot where I'm the Executive Chef!) We sipped on some cheap bourbon we "borrowed" from the pantry. All the while we talked about his life growing up in Illinois, and then his choice in going from the world of ad agencies into the wonderful world of Food Trucks! You might hear his lovely pup Billie Jean in the background, as well as a couple of staff members rolling thru. Listen to his stories about music festivals in CA and AZ, as well as his musical tastes and other tantalizing anecdotes! Catch some of his tasty adventures on Instagram: @harvest_kitchen @david_alan_holtze @booktheboardroom

Closing segment backing vinyl music: Na Na Hey Hey - Wayne McGhie from this vinyl album

Final Songs:

It's a Small World (obviously this was also on the intro to the episode) - Disneyland Boy's Choir from this vinyl album

Flossin' - The Cool Kids

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