28. Josh Lindley : Last Believer Podcast, Bartender Atlas, Shirtless Canadian Person, Globetrotting Consultant.


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How many Joshes does it take to something something something else? This is the 2nd time on the show I've had a Josh on as a guest, and there are no signs of stopping! For now. Okay, this was a fun talk-- Josh (guest) is part of a duo (they call themselves Two Bozos) who host Last Believer: A Podcast About Good Riddance, and he also operates a rad thing with his better half Jess, called Bartender Atlas. Another fine example of pairing paths intersecting in life. Listen to us discuss lots of things about Good Riddance, bartending in French New Guinea, living in Canada, being shirtless at concerts, and so much more! Follow him on instagram.com/lastbelieverpod and instagram.com/bartenderatlas for pics and stuff.

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Music on this episode is: Favorite Son (Good Riddance cover) by Punk Goes 8-Bit. Check out all their albums on Bandcamp!


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