22. Andy McQueen: Moral Issue, Skratchline, Vocalist, Cameraman, Voice Over Artist, Voice Character Actor and ?...


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Episode 22: IN A WORLD... here's the deal. Some know him as Andy, some as Andrew, others as Andrew James McQueen- in the industry, they simply call him "McQueen the Swiss Army Knife". He is one of the camera operators for our local sports teams (Sockers and Gulls) and has worked on many Films, Documentaries, and Reality TV shows for the past 20 years after living the band life. We sat down outside of Harvest Kitchen to catch up on life, think about regrets versus mistakes, and to figure out how to get along with our parents.

Do you need some camera work or voice over for your business or anything? You can find out more about McQueen's adventures in filming and voice over work online at instagram.com/mcqueen_studios and his personal page instagram.com/mcqeeen (yes that is a triple E) and some of his work is on his IMDB page. (If you couldn't tell, that is his voice doing the outro for this episode)


Music in this episode: Lil bit of the opening track by Space Cadet, just playing their latest vinyl release "Lion on a Leash" on Wiretap Records, had to catch some of that vibe right into the microphone. Ending song "The Broken" by Skratchline - McQueen sang on their last EP, partnering up with Dr Shawn Beaty from Moral Issue and Dogwood to go full circle on our collective North SD County music relations.


catch up with Chef Josh on the Harvest Kitchen food truck on Sunday 6/20 at Dogleg Brewing Co-- we're doing some beer pairings, and watching the last day of the US Open tourney. Bring your golf clubs, they have a putting green and a driving range! Srsly. instagram.com/doglegbrewingco


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