13. Josh Hagquist: The Beautiful Mistake, Dogwood, Ember, Stone Brewing Co, Stanger Kings, Really Amateur Photographer.


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This episode is overflowing with Josh power. Josh to the Nth degree. Need I say more? Yes: I have known Josh H since High School. Yes he started Dogwood — before I was around! Yes: he manages Stone Brewing. Yes: he has done, and still does a lot! I didn’t even list all of the bands he has played in. He is an adventure seeker. A truth teller. A humble homie. I don’t even think we talked about his Harley-Davidson at all ha! . Intro music:a little bit of Otis Redding, and a clip from The Beautiful Mistake “Memento Mori” Outro: The Beautiful Mistake “Monument” (both tracks from the EP “You’re Not Broken, I Am” on Wiretap Records... . Follow Josh's adventures online: instagram.com/j_hagquist and his music: instagram.com/thebeautifulmistakeband or www.strangerkings.bandcamp.com ** The Beautiful Mistake songs courtesy of Rob's label WIRETAP RECORDS instagram.com/wiretaprecords . Thanks for checkin out the show!! CONTEST launches very soon!! Share us with a friend. #SRRSS Visit the patreon page for more good times. (patreon.com/familycast) and of course we live on instagram.com/thefamilycast ... . Get some fresh coffee beans and merch from our show buddy (Aaron Dalbec from Be Well etc) at www.essexcoffeeroasters.com and use code FAMCAST at checkout for 10% off. Also get some water and such at www.liquiddeath.com and use code FAMCAST at checkout to make magic happen. More to come!! LET'S DIG IN --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/familycast/message

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