BONUS! Kitchen Pairing Playlist 4 - Autumnal Equinox


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This one is all about the music, and what I'm playing in the kitchen. Plus, super bonus-- The Punk Chef Podcast theme song debut... Track listing: The Family? Cast song by Andy McQueen (episode 22 guest) and myself. 1. Take It Back! : Hollow Eyes 2. No Motiv : So What 3. Gallows : Last June 4. The Get Up Kids : Shorty 5. At The Drive-In : Governed By Contagions (listen to founding member Jim Ward on episode 30 ) 6. Egg Hunt : We All Fall Down 7. Insted : Age 8. Give Up The Ghost : No Lotion Could Ever Unclog These Pores 9. Every Time I Die! : Tusk & Temper 10. Good Riddance : Years From Now (Check out Luke Pabich on episode 26 ) 11. He Is Legend : Stampede 12. Foo Fighters : White Limo --------------- Thanks for listening! Follow the fun on and support please! AT Shop at and use code FAMCAST to get some magic, and buy coffee at use code FAMCAST to save 10% on your order! Stay safe, stay rad. --- Send in a voice message:

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