Archaeology, Photography, and Tea with Matt Stirn and Rebecca Sgouros


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Join us as we talk with archaeologists, Matt Stirn and Rebecca Sgouros about how they have followed their love of archaeology, photography and tea (yes tea) to interpret and bring archaeology to the public. Matt Stirn holds an MSc in Environmental Archaeology and Paleoecology, and specializes in understanding how humans adapted to high elevation landscapes around the world. He has directed several archaeological research projects in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and has been involved in excavations on four continents. He is a member of the Sigma Xi Research Society, a National Fellow for The Explorer’s Club and currently has ongoing archaeological research in Wyoming, Greece, and Italy. Rebecca is an environmental archaeologist and educator. She is a freelance archaeologist focusing on projects in the Rocky Mountains, specifically the Tetons, Gros Ventre, and Wind River Ranges in Wyoming. Current projects include investigating life and food choices at high altitudes, paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Tetons, ice-patch archaeology survey along the Continental Divide, and an ancient food & diet study using biomolecular and experimental archaeology techniques . . . and Rebecca owns an online tea company called Tea Hive! We have a conversation about the importance of bringing history and archaeology to the public, through all the methods Matt and Rebecca bring to the table in their work and their research. Join us for this fun and fascinating conversation! To Learn More: Tea Hive Matt Stirn Photography In the Land of Kush Yaupon: the Rebirth of Americas Forgotten Tea Sabu-Jaddi: The Site Revealing the Sahara's Verdant Nast

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