3. Amy Kiefer's Empowering Unmedicated Hospital Birth (Baby #1)


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Hi, I’m Amy, half of the Expecting and Empowered co-founder duo, and in this episode I’m honored to be telling the story of the birth of my first child, Maxwell Todd Kiefer.

Today I reveal all the details of the beautiful experience, starting at 11:30 am that day when I was 40 weeks pregnant, up until 11:04 pm when our first baby entered the world and we became a family of 3! You’ll hear my mindset during all the stages, what helped me so much in this process, the biggest surprises I encountered, the fears I had, and so much more.

On this podcast and in our Prepping for Labor + Delivery Online Course, we want to empower you by talking about the different options that you have inside of birth, because chances are that you will remember your birth story really well too.

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