2. Brooke Miller, Registered Dietitian On Fueling Your Body Postpartum


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Childbirth, and the time immediately following it, can be a difficult journey for new mothers, so the goal of today’s episode is to give you really understandable and accessible information about nutrition, breastfeeding, and exercise during this time. Our special guest is Brooke Miller, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Lactation Counselor, wife and mom who is passionate about helping other moms and women improve their health without food rules and restrictions. She is the co-host of The Mama Well Podcast, and if you love this conversation with Brooke, you’re going to want to subscribe and listen to their podcast too!

It’s so important that our needs are being met as new moms, because when that happens, everyone else in the household is being taken care of a lot better. You can use the tips and strategies that Brooke shares in this episode on your own journey to feel better now!

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MEET Brooke: https://www.instagram.com/nutrition.for.mamas/

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Brooke’s Nourished After Baby Course (Use EXPECTING30 at checkout for $30 off the course)!

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