A story of loss, auto-immune disease and a hysterectomy with Jodi Gonzales


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💥 Trigger warning - Story of loss

Jodi is a warrior who’s battled rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder, had a heart attack and a hysterectomy before the age of 50. She finds solace in her aerial practice and shares with me the wisdom she’s gathered throughout the process.

“To get back up and do it again is a choice. For those who actually push thru it and do it, my gosh, how powerful. And I think that’s what bonds me to the the community is these powerful people that CHOSE to pick themselves up. That’s testament and it transcends aerial. it transcends into life and that’s what creates an aerial family and that’s what I love about the (aerial) community.”

Find Jodi on Instagram @aerialjodzilla or email her at jodigonzalez@ymail.com

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