Ep 210: Scared to Launch? Debriefing My First $10K Launch Magic with GABY ABRAMS


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I’m SO SO excited for this episode because I’ve never done this before, in so many ways, first of all, I just had my first ever 10K launch and I HAD to share more about it with you BUT also hash out the psychology and strategy behind with my amazing mentor Gaby Abrams who is a master launcher.

She’s been on the show before when we weren’t even working together and now I’m bringing her back to sprinkle her magic on you and encourage you to TAKE ACTION!

I also want to invite you to join me for my Step Up, Speak Up & Show Up Class, a 90-minute training on identifying your fears, creating a clear action plan, and making confidence a habit, happening September 23rd at 1 pm MST, replays available:


Connect with Gaby:


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