The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 2: New zones, heart rate training, and special guest Matias Palavecino


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In this episode, Katie and Sarah talk about the challenge of working in new zones after bumping up your FTP (the zone 4 struggle is real!), the upcoming Pelofondo, and how we plan to keep our fitness up when we're away from our bikes during our respective spring break vacations. Then, we bring on our POWER UP expert Matias Palavecino (AKA Katie's husband) to discuss the correlation between heart rate and power zone training and the benefits of both. We keep Matias on for our POWERHOUSE segment, because he is truly a force to be reckoned with: A multiple Ironman 70.3 champion, Matias is a lifelong athlete who only recently discovered the wonders of Becs Gentry on the Peloton tread. He chats about how he got over his aversion to the "dreadmill" and the unconventional way he has used the Tread and Becs' workouts to train for major races, including a half-Ironman in Miami last week, where he won his age-group.

Show Notes

2:33: Katie and Sarah talk about riding PZ classes in new zones.

9:00: Katie and Sarah explain about the upcoming Pelofondo.

17:50 Power Up Segment: Matias chats about heart rate and power zone training.

27:50: Powerhouse Segment: We talk about Matias's journey to the top of his game in triathlon, including using the Peloton Tread in his workouts.

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