The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 13: Maximizing downtime between training blocks plus Yogi Jess Purtell


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It's episode 13 of the Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah, and today we are catching up on Sarah's race at the Rev3 Williamsburg Triathlon over the weekend, and talking about personal expectations and everything that comes along with that. Then, for our Power Up segment, we discuss how to fill the void between Powerzone Pack Challenges--and really, the time between any major fitness event--and stay motivated when you do not have a goal race or event in the near future. And for our PowerHouse segment, we bring on our friend, Jess Purtell, who not only is a Peloton devotee, but also a yoga instructor. We discuss how she got into yoga, the mental and physical benefits of it, and how you can incorporate yoga into your training routine. Enjoy!

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