The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 12: Maintaining a positive relationship while training, plus Jeff Ku, a Peloton-loving Triathlete


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In this episode, Katie & Sarah catch up on proud coaching and parent moments, ongoing training, and FTP success. Then, in the Power-Up segment, we bring back Katie's husband Matias to hear a candid and cute conversation about how the two of them continue to race and train as triathletes while balancing family and the rest of of life. And in our Powerhouse segment, we have Jeffrey Ku, a competitive triathlete who has incorporated Peloton into his race prep. Jeff is just an interesting, smart, and funny guy who also dabbled in swing dancing, and he shares more about himself and how he came back from a scary health issue stronger than ever.

18:32: Power-Up with Matias and Katie Palavecino

38:02: Powerhouse with Jeffrey Ku: 38:05

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