The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 10: a new partnership with The Tour


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This episode of The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah we are all about The Tour. In Episode 6 we introduced you to Ty Audronis and Jill Fedirici, the founders of The Tour. As leads of such a quickly growing group that has become very popular over the past year we chat with them on how the group has evolved to stay fresh and fun and how it really has something for everyone. AND we are very excited to announce….Sarah and I have been asked to partner with them in a new running series.


6:30: Katie & Sarah talk about the a new partnership with The Tour

14:20: Start of chat with Ty & Jill

21:46: Ty shares what The Tour is about

24:08: Jill talks about going back to basics

27:00: Ty talks about announcing all Moderators will be making the music tours!

28:03: Ty discusses badges...thanks to squidpunch

29:35: Ty discusses medals

33:00: Ty discusses future in person meet ups and Jill discusses Spartan races

37:00: Live streams are coming back! The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah and The Tour partnership

42:30: Mo is doing some cool stuff with Tour tracking and Veronica doing Nite Riderz

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