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In this episode, we are joined by an amazing guest, Tony Vincent. We'll chat about digital drawing skills and creativity in the classroom using Shapegrams. We'll also go over some tips and tricks to using Google Drawings effectively and efficiently.
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**For detailed show notes, please visit our website at https://edugals.com/49**
Connect with Tony:

Resources, Tips, and Ideas:

  • Timex Sinclair (in case you're curious)
  • Podcasting/video creation in the classroom with students
  • Classy Graphics Workshop
  • Shapegrams (first 4 are free!)
    • Teaches students patient, perseverance, and growth mindset
    • Includes instructional videos, activities for early finishers
    • Also includes some fantastic puns :)
    • Scope and sequence - easy to advanced
    • Cost: $35 per year membership
    • Tie them into other areas such as writing prompts, math, reflections
    • Fun for teachers too!
    • Book: Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith
    • Tony's favourite: White House
  • Google Drawings Tips and Tricks:
    • Start a new drawing with drawings.new
    • Get rid of the checkerboard pattern by right clicking, select background and change it to white (or another colour)
    • Page setup or just grab the bottom right corner "grippy" and drag it out to stretch or lengthen your canvas
    • Shapes menu - circle = oval, square = rectangle; to get a perfect circle/square, hold down the shift key as you draw out the shape
    • Shift + Control/Option + dragging on the shape - resizes from the centre
    • Version history is available here too - copy/paste from a previous version or restore previous versions
    • Use the grey space around the drawing for instructions, videos, activities for early finishers, drag and drop activities, gifs (make them using Screencastify), etc.
  • Upcoming workshop: Classy Creations
    • Five weeks
    • Focused on Google Slides
    • Topics: Great Graphics, Pixels to Paper, Legendary Logos, Captivating Comics, Awesome Animations
  • Biggest Takeaway: Infusing creativity with technology to express yourself, affect change, and make a difference

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