Episode 167 - Go With The FLO (ft. Marcus Johnson)


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Marcus Johnson, father of one, NAACP Image Award-nominated jazz pianist and author of For The Love Of…Living the Journey of Life with Intention, Love, Passion and Happiness. In the book, Marcus shares a collection of essays containing personal advice, lessons that helped him cope through the highs and lows of his career and practical strategies to discover your purpose, pursue your passion and stay the course despite perceived challenges. Marcus has released more than fifteen Billboard charted albums and has most recently combined his eminently successful music career and love of wine in a unique endeavor with FLO Wine, LLC. As a highly sought-after self-empowerment activist, Marcus has given speeches across the country to inspire audiences with his story including his TEDx talks “Do the Things That Will Make People Say You’re Crazy” and “Why Are We Here?”. On this episode of the podcast Joe and Marcus discuss music, authenticity, wine, and ones entire creative process. As we near 1 full year of quarantine times Marcus reminds us of how to best "go with the flow" and follow the things that give us love and happiness. #GoWithTheFlo #beabetterdad

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