Episode 166 - Pop Culture Classroom (ft. Adam Kullberg)


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Adam Kullberg is the Education Program Manager at Pop Culture Classroom. He joined the team in 2015, after serving as an outreach teacher and volunteer for the organization throughout 2014. Before that, he earned his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and MA in English Literature from the University of North Texas. Since joining PCC, he has helped develop PCC’s outreach programming, pop culture-based workshops, and curricula, including a range of educational programs at Denver Pop Culture Con offered each year to teachers and students of all ages. In his free time, he enjoys playing lacrosse and binging corny action movies.

The need for innovative literacy education in Colorado inspired Pop Culture Classroom and its education programs. As teachers, artists, writers, parents, and all around pop culture activists, each of us has personal experience with the transformational power of comics and other pop culture media. We believe that literacy, creativity and creative thinking are essential abilities for our children as they prepare to navigate both the successes and challenges of life.

Pop Culture Classroom was founded in 2010 as Comic Book Classroom, a Colorado charitable organization focused on enhancing and improving student’s learning experience through the use of comic book media. At the same time, the founders of Comic Book Classroom also created the Denver Comic Con event.

The STC curriculum has been offered by schools, educators, libraries, and community organizations all across Colorado and beyond. The curriculum has expanded to include a comprehensive collection of reading materials, instructional videos, interactive activities and arts-based handouts designed to help students investigate storytelling, build art and literacy skills, and eventually create their very own comics. Completed entries are then published in a class collection.* *On this episode of the podcast Joe invites long-time friend Adam Kullberg to the podcast to discuss his work with Pop Culture Classroom. Joe & Adam discuss the various mediums used to drive life lessons home for students, how we can continue to evolve our way of learning, and what's on the horizon in a post-COVID world.

To learn more about Pop Culture Classroom CLICK HERE #PopCultureClassroom #beabetterdad

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