Episode 164 - Check Yourself (ft. Michael Odiari & Zachary Eisenhauer)


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On January 15, 2017 CEO Michael Odiari founded Check after he was pulled over during a traffic stop and quickly found himself looking down the barrel of a policeman’s gun. As a person of color, he knew that this would likely not be his only negative interaction with the police and that there was a whole community of people with similar experiences.

From that incident on he has set out to bridge the communication gap between police and motorists. The Check App utilizes video calling technology to replace the initial interactions during a traffic stop. Instead of approaching a vehicle to obtain a motorist's information, leaving the officer vulnerable on the side of the road, police will be able to see Driver Licenses, Registration, and Insurance of the motorists.

Motorists will be able to see vital information about the officer who is pulling them over. These initial interactions over video can help both parties communicate better and even help save the lives of both the officer and the motorist.

Michael & Zachary from Check stop by the podcast to discuss the creation of their app, how it's progressing so far, and how they envision this app helping all people moving forward. To get more information about the app, or to sign up, CLICK HERE

#CheckYourself #beabetterdad

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