Episode 162 - Coming Back (ft. Fawn Germer)


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Fawn Germer is the irreverent, beloved best-selling author of nine books including the Oprah book, Hard Won Wisdom. She has been a keynote speaker for more than 80 Fortune 500 companies and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize four times for her work as an investigative reporter. Fawn’s first book was rejected by every major publisher in the United States, but Fawn would not give up until it was the No. 1 nonfiction bestseller that Oprah loved. Her newest book Coming Back, was released by St. Martin’s Press in January, 2021. The book shows how to turbocharge your career by changing the way you change.

Fawn is an inspiring storyteller and life adventurer. She’s learned plenty the hard way, and is as authentic as they come. She interviewed hundreds of the most accomplished leaders of our times, including famous CEOs, prime ministers, presidents, Nobel Peace Prize winners, scientists, Academy Award winners and many other trailblazers who revealed that success is born in risk, and power comes from consciously disabling your doubt and self-esteem issues.

Fawn Germer stops by the podcast today to discuss her latest book "Coming Back: How to Win the Job You Want When You've Lost the Job You Need"

She provides advice for folks who have lost their job due to COVID-19, folks who may be re-entering the work force, or folks who may be entering the workforce for the first time. She provides tons of advice which is helpful for people of all ages. Make sure to grab her book today!

#ComingBack #beabetterdad

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