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Sometimes the creative process can't be explained or understood but it should always be appreciated. So what happens to a culture when art isn't appreciated anymore? And what is the impact of Spotify and streaming services on the creative landscape? Today on the Spiritual Spiral, I am thrilled to welcome Seattle-based producer, film composer and multi-instrumentalist, Phillip Peterson to the show. I have been blessed to know Phil for over 15 years and he has played the strings on my last three records including my latest single, Animals. Phil and I have a wonderful conversation about the impact of Spotify and Phil explains why he prefers Youtube over other streaming sites. We talk about the creative process, the Seattle music scene and how social media is impacting artists everywhere. He also offers fantastic advice on ways that artists can bring new streams of revenue to their business. Phil is one of the most talented musicians and producers in the music business today and be sure to find Phil on Instagram @houseofbreakingglass. If you enjoy today's episode and you want to support the show, please subscribe on iTUNES or share the show with your friends or head over to iTunes and write a quick review. You can also support the show by becoming a subscriber at where you can access full episodes and exclusive content only available to subscribers. You can also visit my website and sign up for my email list and newsletter. I also released another brand new song on Bandcamp which you can purchase by clicking HERE. You can find me on Substack by clicking HERE and as always, thanks so much for listening and supporting the show. Please reach out on Twitter or IG @eddiecohn with any questions.

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