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Doodle breed dogs are EASY to love, but can be challenging to parent! Do you ever feel frustrated, exasperated, or don’t know what conflicting advice to follow when training or grooming your doodle? Do you want a more peaceful home with your doodle and feel proud of their behavior when you have guests over or go on walks?
I’m doodle expert Corinne Gearhart, also known as The Doodle Pro™. No one has professionally worked with as many different doodle breeds or has more experience with doodles than I have and I love to share my expertise in a fun, compassionate, and non-judgmental way. From my years of work and education in the pet care and dog training industry, I have an incredible network of skilled training, grooming, and veterinary professionals to share their knowledge with you and give you the answers you’re looking for.
Join me, Corinne The Doodle Pro™, on my new podcast as I share my force-free and science-based techniques and interview world renowned experts on training, grooming, and more to help you parent your doodle, like a pro! You’ll finish listening to my podcast feeling like a more confident, fulfilled, and informed doodle parent. Don’t miss a new episode by subscribing to The Doodle Pro™ Podcast now and follow @thedoodlepro on Instagram for behind the scenes peeks at all of the adorable doodles I work with daily.

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