How to Use Music that Relaxes Dogs the Right Way with the Pet Calming Maestro Guest Lisa Spector


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Have you wondered if your dog likes music, the right volume to play it, or what music is best for a relaxed dog? On this episode with the Pet Calming Maestro, concert pianist and dog calming expert Lisa Spector, enjoy a private concert with the most relaxing music for dogs and learn relaxation solutions for your doodle!
Her music is played in over 1,500 shelters (increasing adoptions as the dogs are less anxious!) and is prescribed by veterinarians to help with general and separation anxiety. Corinne The Doodle Pro™ plays this music daily in her home for doodles visiting for a Shed Free Stay™ in Denver, Colorado and is thrilled to spread the relaxation on both ends of the leash to doodle families all over the world with Lisa's dog calming piano music.
"I'll never forget this call from a shelter manager in Ohio and he was in tears and he said, Lisa, this is the first phone call from my desk I have been able to make in 10 years because it's finally quiet in here. Because your music has stopped the dogs from barking. Oh, and let me tell you about Trello. Trello has been in here a year. And finally, when he heard your music, he settled down and he got adopted and he is in his forever home now. And I just knew I had to get this out more." - Lisa Spector

Before playing a piece live by modern composer Zach Gulaboff Davis just for our podcast listeners, Lisa answers your questions including:

  • Does music calm down a dog?
  • How does dog calming music work?
  • Do dogs like the tv left on and does leaving the tv on help dogs with anxiety?
  • What's the best volume to listen to music to help a dog with anxiety?
  • Where can you find free music that relaxes dogs?
  • What sounds relax dogs?
  • Does dog calming music really work?
  • What is the most calming music for dogs during fireworks, thunderstorms or car rides?
  • Is calming music good for dogs?
  • What's the most anxiety reducing music for dogs?

Lisa gives our podcast listeners a streaming link to Dog Gone Calm, Vol. 1 along with a pdf with tips on using music to calm your dog's anxiety... separation, sound phobias, crate training, volume tips and more at
Her Dog Gone Calm Club is opening it's doors for a short time in September, you may join the waitlist at

If you're looking for free calming dog music without ads on Alexa, Youtube, or Spotify, enjoy Lisa's My Zen Pet's album Dog Gone Calm on all major streaming services.
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