Doodle Brain Under Construction: Adolescent Dog Training


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In this part two of Corinne's conversation with Denver Paw School's owner and training manager, they to discuss why your doodle still continues to need training, even as an adolescent and an adult. Training and learning don't stop once they've finished one puppy socialization class.
That would be like your pulling your kid out after kindergarten and saying, "You've got your letters. You learned enough."
"With my now teenager, if I stopped addressing his learning needs at kindergarten, and even if I just kept reinforcing that kindergarten level, he'd be great at knowing his letters.
But by raising the level of enrichment and stimulation and growth and connection by working on that training together, my dog and I are still growing and solidifying our connection together." - Corinne Gearhart

They discuss why that's so important and what's going on when you have an adolescent doodle that knew how to sit or go into a down stay or not pull on the leash... And suddenly it seems like they forgot it all.
What is going on? They're here to share with you and let you know. If you want to know how to find a great facility, great training program, or a solid trainer, listen to part one of this interview, Episode 13. There, Denver Paw School shares with people all over the world the red flags to look for, when to run, and what to feel great about when you find a facility or a training program
On this part 2 of our interview, the adolescent doodle questions will be addressed include:
- What is a dog's teenage phase?
- Is it normal for an adolescent dog to have increased reactivity, barking, jumping, biting, poor impulse control, or to stop listening?
- If they are more reactive or harder to control, should we stop socialization or going to public places?
- How do I find adolescent dog training classes near me?
- Why is my teenage dog driving me crazy and won't listen?
Sometimes there are doodles that struggle with overstimulation, like just absolutely over-aroused. Continuing on with socialization might be counterintuitive. But actually, if it's regimented and controlled in a way, I think that it can start to address some of those over-arousal situations." - Kathy Thorpe
"And I think that's probably one of the biggest things with teenagers is that some days they're like... super responsive and responding to every cue and look like a model citizen and they look like an adult dog. And then yes, the next day it's like, where did that dog go? And it's all the rewiring, the brain is under construction." - Colleen Tekamp
-3:47 Working with adolescent doodles
-6:14 Teenage issues aren't your fault!
-6:52 Is socialization still needed at this age?
-9:42 Doodle's Extended Puppyhood & Adolescence
-13:54 Human side of the leash
-18:28 What if we do drop out after puppy kindergarten?

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