All About Goldendoodles: Temperament, Sizes, Coats, Colors, Health, Energy Levels, & More!


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This bonus episode is a celebration of golden doodles, (or groodles!), with research-based education about what makes them unique. This episode will help deepen your understanding of your personal Goldendoodle. Or if you're considering a golden doodle, I'll be addressing the most common questions and concerns so you can make an educated decision on what to look for and how to select the perfect puppy to add to your family. During this episode, you'll learn what desirable traits from both breeds can be enjoyed in a Goldendoodle package, and which behavior traits will need a little extra work. We will discuss health concerns, testing you want to look for from a breeder, temperments, coats, colors, and much more.
Of course, Goldendoodle parents (or prospective ones) will enjoy this episode, but there are some juicy takeaways for any doodle lover!

Key takeaways include:

  • Goldendoodle parent poll results ( minute 2:40)
  • Golden Retriever traits that carry into Goldendoodles (minute 4:28)
  • Poodle traits that Goldendoodles carry (minute 7:29)
  • Hybrid Vigor? (minute 11:03)
  • Surprising facts about red Doodles (minute 15:05)
  • Surprising facts about mini-Doodles! (minute 17:14)
  • Next Thursday's bonus episode breed mix is... (minute 19:18)

Goldendoodle health testing requirements can be found at
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