48 - Educating The Client with Artin Safarian of Arminco


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In this week's episode we have Artin Safarian, CEO and President Arminco with headquarters in Sterling, Virginia! They are the premier dental, medical, restaurant, and retail space construction build-out and full project management provider. He is Armenian and was born in Iran, left Iran in 1st grade and first stayed in New Delhi, India for around two and half years before immigrating to the United States and arriving to the Los Angeles area. He moved to the DMV area during high school and has been here ever since. He always wanted to have his own business that right after graduating from George Mason University he started the general construction division of Arminco. Artin believes in educating the client, and the more knowledge they have the better equipped they are to make the best informed decision. So much so that they host seminars and CE (Continuing Education) classes for doctors, and have their own podcast Synergy Practices Dental Podcasts powered by Arminco. He mentions about seeking to understand the other person by asking questions, observing, and putting yourself in their shoes. They have grown their national dental build-out practice foot print averaging 40-50 practices annually and working on several West Coast projects although most of them are in the East Coast. He mentions not having the fear of failure, don't be afraid and do it!


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