The Dive | Will the Meta Evolve in Houston & Emily wants more pros like Jojo


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Hello Dive Fans! We have our Finals Playoff Preview message and that will mark the last episode of The Dive for the Spring Split. To celebrate, Mark & Azael are joined by special guest Emily Rand FRESH off the EG vs. C9 series... like they recorded this 30 minutes after that series concluded.

The trio give their raw thoughts on EG's 3-0 stomp over C9, how much draft "matters" when it comes to the big stage & what they love about this Evil Geniuses roster, who've booked their ticket to Houston!

A reminder that tickets are on sale for the Spring Finals in Houston, you can get information on how to get your set of tickets here:

Thank you for all the questions all split long, they've really made the episodes that much better, if you continue sending questions, we'll try to get them in when we return in the Summer. Spring Finals Weekend kicks off Saturday in Houston with Evil Geniuses vs. Team Liquid. Winner faces 100 Thieves for the title!

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